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Learn how to takedown 

Come meet the system WRESTLING FOR EVERYONE created to teach how to takedown once for ever.

Lifetime acess


What you're going to learn

module 1


Class 1

Basic concepts (when the opponent attacks)
Differences between Wrestling for MMA and Wrestling for Jiu-jítsu
Basic combinations

module 2


class 1

Attacks in the Bodylock and Clinch in the middle

module 3 - defense


Class 1

Single Leg Defense

Bonus Module: Wil's Tricks


class 1

Cage Defense with Chin


The UNIQUE Wrestling for Jiu-Jitsu
in Specialist Brazil!

When you started practicing Jiu-Jitsu, did you notice that you had some difficulty in taking your opponent down? Or even in sweeping your opponent while on the ground?

If this is your case, I have the solution for you! With my Basic Wrestling for MMA course, you will gain more confidence and get ahead in competitions!

Furthermore, you develop the muscles in your entire body, making you stronger and more resilient, which will help boost your performance!

I will teach you everything you need to have a strong foundation in stand-up fighting, excel in guard passing, and effectively sweep your opponent. With my methodology, your Jiu-Jitsu will never be the same again.


Professor Wilgner Silva

Wilgner Silva is a reference on the Brazilian National Wrestling. National Champion, ranked number #1 athlete in 2008 and  multiple times national medalist and many other titles. 
Wrestling Coach at mainstream Jiu-Jitsu Schools
 in Brazil and BJJ / MMA top level fighters. 

All his students had significant improvements on their Wrestling game.
The fast evolution of his athletes and the didactics of teaching for the most varied types of students are his personal brand.
Come be part of this great team ! 


  • Brazilian National Champion

  • Number 1  Brazilian National Rank 2008

  • 2x Brazil International Cup Champion 

  • Multiple times Brazilian National medalist 

Social medias 

  • Branca ícone do YouTube
  • Branca Ícone Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Branco Facebook Ícone


  • Wrestling Coach at  Alliance Jiu-Jitsu - Leblon, Pirâmide Grappling, Leão Teixeira Jiu-jitsu, Kioto Jiu-Jitsu and many personal students

  • Specialist in Wrestling for BJJ 

  • Creator of  Wrestling Para Todos

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